If you’ve utilised a plain text editor in any operating program apart from Windows, you know just how frustrating Window’s native plan “Notepad” is – Notepad ++ is definitely an open-source, absolutely free alternative to Notepad that you are going to appreciate.


A single big difficulty with the default notepad is its inability to format documents adequately – and its full inability to study text documents written on yet another operating program. Due to the fact text documents are just that – straightforward text with no rich-text formatting, it’s quite disappointing that Notepad can not even get that suitable.

Enter Notepad ++ – it formats your text document, adequately. Paragraphs are left the way you wish them. It is possible to open text documents you’ve written in other operating systems.

In the event you do quite a bit of operate in text documents (as an example, if you’re writing articles to become placed on a website or syndicated as content material on the internet), a robust editor can be a must. Rich-text editors, including Microsoft Word or Open Workplace Word Processor place characters into documents that usually render incorrectly on a website, causing articles to look strange and obtaining confusing foreign characters inside of them.

Notepad ++ can be a feature-rich text editor that gives you quite a bit of power – devoid of any formatting that will not operate well with your website.

The most effective function in the software program is that it keeps your text document paragraphs intact and gives you the freedom to move from 1 operating program or from 1 pc for the subsequent with your documents easily and devoid of worrying about losing your paragraph formatting. There is nothing much more frustrating than opening your text file and discovering that your neat paragraphs are now a massive wall of text.

Any time you initially start out Notepad ++ it will be set devoid of word wrap. You’ll most likely would like to change this setting, no less than whilst you’re actively writing. Just click the view menu and verify “word wrap.”

It delivers essential tools including a word count function. When writing articles you most likely would like to hold track of word count to become confident you’re meeting both minimum counts and you’re not obtaining so lengthy winded your audience is going to have bored… so a word count function is nice.

Download Notepad ++ doesn’t include a built-in spell checker, even so, there is clear guidelines on adding just a little spell verify plan that performs very properly using open-source dictionaries. A single issue to watch for – the spell checker doesn’t automatically choose the correct spelling. You need to click the correct spelling inside the list before you have Notepad ++ correct your word.

In the event you do any coding Notepad ++ does help fundamental syntax highlighting. It keeps track in the numbering of one’s lines, or rows, too. A dialogue running inside a strip along the bottom in the plan indicates what column you’re in. This can make editing and troubleshooting quick and effortless, specifically if you’re operating with on the internet validators that flag by line number.

The plan opens files of many various formats, which includes text (.txt), HTML and XHTML (.html), and PHP (.php) amongst other folks. It attributes syntax highlighting so your tags will likely be highlighted for effortless coding.

It supports tabbed files, so you’ll be able to easily operate with greater than 1 file at a time. The tabs open along the best in the plan where you’ll be able to quickly flip back and forth. Notepad ++ remembers your tabs each and every time it opens. Often I find this function annoying and often I like it – so you are going to need to see how you feel about it.

All in all, Notepad ++ can be a substantially much better alternative for the built-in Notepad plan in Windows. It gives you freedom as well as a feature-rich environment to open, study, and edit text files – in conjunction with supporting fundamental coding for a lot of other formats. Greatest of all, it’s open-source and absolutely free. To download notepad ++ visit:- http://notepad-download.com/

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