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Exclusive Chris Mentor Me Bonus ( Best on the Net! )

Now, I think that by now it’s established that Chris Mentor Me is a fantastic product but you are smart right? and  you want to see just how much extra you can get for FREE…


“As you are here that means there are still some places left to buy Through My Link And Receive My Exclusive Bonus Package” ( This page of the site will be taken down after the places have gone )

Before we go on… A quick word on bonuses:

You’ve probably come across bonus packages before and I’m sure you know a lot of them are just a load of garbage information downloaded for free from the net with some crazy price value next to them like $5597 value.

What I am giving you is of REAL value and will assist you in this business and any other online business you might get involved with in the future.

So if you’re impressed by false numbers and big promises from so called marketers who have NO IDEA what they’re talking about, and are prepared to give you any old BS you may aswell leave now.

Still here? I’m not surprised, you’re smart and looking for REAL value. You want as much bang for your buck as you can possibly get…

So without further hesitation I am happy to present to you below my Chris Mentor Me Bonus package.

chris mentor me bonus number 1

Bonus #1

Instant Affiliate Link Masker – This software is simple to use and it is the one tool every affiliate needs. I use it myself. You could create a page and use simple html redirect code to mask your links but this software does more than that, you see when you use a html file or php file to redirect to your offer the viewer is simply redirected to the original sales page you are promoting and they see that address in the search bar, when you use this software it creates the page for you so that you can have what ever title you want in the title bar, you can choose the text you want for the link and the search bar shows YOUR website address. It encrypts your links and creates the page for you instantly. But here’s the cool thing!…Your going to get master resale rights to the software, and I’m going to give you a ready made sales page which you are free to alter as you want. I recommend you sell this product for around $47 ( however you can charge as little or as much as you wan’t ) and you get to keep 100% of the profit.

chris mentor me bonus number three

Bonus #2

Outsource Your Success – Most people spend far too long working IN their business rather than on it (I’m sure you’ve heard that term before!). The fact is if you aren’t outsourcing because you don’t think it can help you or you don’t like trying new things or relinquishing control, then you are missing out on a major
opportunity! Outsourcing is not a ‘nice to have’ or something to think about ‘one day’, it is what helps you to grow your business, free up your time and annihilate your competition. Outsourcing is all about leveraging other people’s time to make YOU money, it is about getting people to do things faster and better than you could hope to do them so your time is freed up to do those jobs that only you can do, the make or break business stuff. This guide will show EXACTLY how to get it done for the right cost. Outsourcing some of the work you will need to do to keep your Chris Mentor Me business growing strong will free up more of your time.

chris mentor me bonus number four

Bonus #3

Freelance Magic – This is an ideal business to run alongside the Chris Mentor Me system. Wouldn’t it be better to be paid to learn? That is what freelancing can offer you, a way to develop all the skills you need to dominate markets online but while getting paid to do it! As you build up your list of services not only will you be learning all the skills you need to make money online with your own sites, but you’ll also be building relationships with other marketers which can be invaluable later on when you have your own products and sites!



chris mentor me bonus number two

Bonus #4

Affiliate Empire – How to build your own profit generating affiliate empire.Everybody is looking to make more money, and waves and waves of people are crashing on the shore of the internet and buying a load of products then being sucked back into the sea of ‘normal’ work after they realise a lot of the stuff they buy either doesn’t work or is nowhere near as easy as they make it out to be. But making money online IS possible, and often it is a lot easier than people think, introducing the ultimate business – affiliate marketing.  This bonus is for those of you new to affiliate marketing if you’re already succeeding with online marketing then you will probably already know most of this information but I’ve thrown it in as a bonus to cater for everyone from newbies to experienced internet marketers.


chrid mentor me bonus '6

Bonus #5

How To Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter – This 60 page ebook will have you writing sales copy for your website like a pro copywriter. Now you can write sales copy that produces a minimum 2,4% conversion, that kind of copy would cost you thousands or tens of thousands if you had to pay a professional copy writer. If you find your self stuck for words, and not knowing how to make your own compelling sales letter then this ebook is going to be a blessing to you.




chris mentor me bonus #6

Bonus #6

Build Me A 50,000 List Fast – 26 “Explosive List Building” techniques that can have your list bulgingwith targeted, 100% Opt-in, ready to buy subscribers, as much as 20 times faster than most other conventional methods. This is a perfect bonus alongside Chris Mentor Me because Chris teaches the importance of building a list and this short ebook will give you new possibilities for building your list fast! 26 superpower tactics for rapid-fire list building that will push your sign ups through the roof and help you to make more cash with your online business.


chris mentor me extra bonus 3

Bonus #7

Video Blogging Cash – Video blogs are not much different from normal blogs to run in fact I find it much easier as videos are easier to create than plugging away at the keyboard for hours and they are always perceived as more valuable than just text – so it is a win win! Not to mention that videos give you a whole new avenue to get massive traffic to your blog with!Building a video blog is not hard, you use exactly the same kind of  blog as normal, you just use video as content instead of text! Imagine having your own video blog bringing you hordes of loyal viewers who gobble up every video you create, and imagine using the power of video (a power I’ll show you how to harness) to direct people effortlessly through your affiliate link while anyone with text posts struggles and begs to get people to click their links!

PLUS….as if that weren’t enough there are even more undisclosed bonuses for you on my download page which you will be very excited about when I send you the link!


What My Chris Mentor Me Bonus is NOT

None of the bogus price tags and over-hyped PLR junk you can download anywhere. Far too many people out there download free old re-hashed information products, spice them up a bit with fancy graphics and useless filler, attach a CRAZY so-called value to them and then palm them off to you. Its only after you have received and reviewed them you realize it mostly worthless junk you will never use or even look at again and it will just sit on your computer taking up valuable space. I hate that so there will be none of that here!

What it IS

Just high quality products you will love and actually get benefit from using in any online business.


Ok. Dan that sounds great, I’m ready to order Chris Mentor Me and want YOUR bonus package, … What Do I Do Now?

It’s easy. To receive your exclusive bonus package follow the steps below (takes 10 seconds).

Step #1: Go to your internet browsers settings and select ‘Delete Cookies’ – Don’t worry it won’t delete your saved passwords or website history – It just removes other guys tracking codes.

Step #2: Buy the Chris Mentor Me system using any link on this site or my link below

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Step #3: Send your order receipt to BestNetBonus@ and I’ll instantly mail you your bonus package.

So go ahead, order now and get your bonus before the offer is gone!


PS: I’ll also send you a link to another of my websites where you can download a ton of information for FREE :)

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