Emma wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Jasper. She has been planning it for weeks. Invited all his friends, prepared all his favorite foods and music. All the planning with little help from Jasper’s friends made the party very stressful for Emma. On the day of his party, Jasper told Emma that he wanted to break up with her. This devastated Emma, and she then realized why his friends were reluctant to help. After spending all that money she her friends decided to have the party anyway, to get Emma’s mind off the break-up. Once all of the new guests arrived Emma started drinking, and she didn’t stop until the party is over. Once her friends were asleep Emma decided to drive to her boyfriend’s house, even thought she was drunk. She was the road for about 15 minutes before she was pulled over by the police. The officer said that she was speeding and then asked her for her driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Emma told the officer that she didn’t have it; the officer then asked her to step out of the car. Emma then had to do the field sobriety test and blow into a breathalyzer. She failed the field sobriety test and her blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. In the next few moments Emma was arrest for driving under the influence or a DUI. To ensure the best possible outcome she needs to hire a DUI attorney in San Bernardino to argue and defend her case.

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