There are plenty of wonderful イルビゾンテキーケース tales with regards to the celestial satellite around Cina. the favourite a single conveys to how the goddess known as Switch ascended for the celestial satellite.A long, years ago, an awful famine affected the earth. Five sun’s burnt increasingly above just like smoldering volcanoes. A bushes plus your lawn had been scorched. A area had been broken plus dry, plus estuaries and rivers happened to run dry. Lots of people deceased connected with hunger plus desire.A Master connected with Bliss directed Hou Yi as a result of the earth to help. When Hou Yi appeared, he got his or her red-colored bend plus bright arrows plus opportunity lower nine sun’s a single to another. The weather conditions right away switched chiller. Heavy rainfall crammed this estuaries and rivers by using water plus the your lawn plus bushes switched natural. Living have been renewed イルビゾンテショルダー plus humanity had been ended up saving.Some day, a charming fresh lady, Switch makes the woman’s technique residence from your flow, holding a new bamboo sheets contaiver, An adolescent guy can come in advance, requesting a drink. When the woman considers this red-colored bend plus bright arrows draping via his or her buckle, Switch tealizes that he’s their own deliverer, Hou Yi. Enticing your pet to beverage, Switch plucks an incredible blossom and gives this to your pet as a sign connected with regard. Hou Yi, thus, picks an incredible metalic sibel dog’s hair because his or her gift idea to be with her. This specific assembly kindles this of curiosity in their appreciate. And very soon and then, they will get married.

Some sort of mortals life is restricted, naturally. And so as a way to delight in his or her pleased living by using Switch always, Hou Yi determines to search for a good elixir connected with living.He / she goes toward this Kunlun Mountain range the location where the Western Ruler Mum everyday life.

Away from regard for that very good deeds this has done, this Western Ruler Mum benefits Hou Yi by using elixir, a good powdered ingredients made out of kerndls connected with berries that evolves to the hardwood connected with ever. Concurrently, the woman conveys to your pet:In case you and also your wife talk about this elixir, you’ll both equally delight in long lasting living. When merely one of yourself requires this,that you can ascend to Bliss and grow immortal.

Hou Yi results residence plus conveys to his or her wife all that offers took place plus they elect to beverage this elixir together to the Fifteenth day of this 8th lunar calendar month when the celestial satellite is actually full plus brilliant.

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